Thursday, July 26, 2012



Something should happen
I know it should.
But then it doesn’t
Then sometimes it would

I sit watching old movies as if they were new
When I should be laughing with friends at a cool coffee club zoo
Then as usual, I don’t
But, then sometimes I do

I gaze in amazement as I watch the world churning
My head starts to spin and my eyes light-up burning.
Climatic trashes
Deprivation rashes
24/7 news flashes
Bifocal clashes

Yet, sometimes fame’s fortune seems silently waiting
Around corners and street lights, inaudibly baiting 
An Indie label seeking a hot hip-hop star
Lascivious top models at the Polo Lounge Bar
Entourage crammed limo blaring “Purple Rain” Prince
To a Villas Palace Mansion after a second crème rinse

Then reality hits and I burp up my up riches
Mellifluous digressions, tattooed unctuous road witches 
I settle back into my big comfy chair
Tremulously waiting for something happening to flare
Because sometimes it does
Then sometimes who cares

Producer Note: 

I wanted to take the time to explain why I would post this poem on a Philosopher's forum. Many people find themselves feeling left out of the things happening around them. There is so much activity on our screens we feel that our own life styles just don't live up to the activity surrounding us. We dream about being discovered, having our works published and recognized by all the world. But when we sit down and really think about it ... well ... it's not all that it seems. We have it pretty good after all. To me that's an existential challenge and a philosophical conundrum.  

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Americ Azevedo said...

It's so hard to know what we really want to have happen. And, often it seems that having "nothing happen" is more important than having "it happen". The problem comes from the view that "life is events". But, life is not an event, nor even a series of events, life is a process; like a vortex, a flow of energy in, energy transforming, and energy outputs. We feel it all the time. It's so beyond anything we can represent in our thoughts, images, or works. Life is, life becoming, life passing, etc. etc.

Zen Monk Man's poem inspiring - and makes it happen in the process of life. :)