Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monster in the Closet

It's frightening to feel the full extent of a negative emotion. There is uncertainty about what will happen once we choose to feel again. Instead of facing it though, we close ourselves off from the emotion to avoid the pain.  Remember when you were young and terrified of the dark? It's uncertainty frightened us; the fear of the unknown. It would paralyze us; even getting up to turn on the light seemed like an unconquerable task. If we got out of bed, what we feared would inevitably get us as we walked the fifteen feet from our bed to the nightlight. So, we'd lay in bed, hoping that we would either be able to muster up the bravery to turn on the light or fall asleep quicker. This same dance would happen again and again, night after night. One night, my mom forgot to turn on my nightlight and I was trapped in the dark. As I lay in bed hoping it would magically turn on again, I did something which I had been so terrified to do; I got up and tiptoed towards the switch and turned it on. A few months later, after repeating this process, I didn't need the light anymore to feel safe. I knew that while there were still things that might be unknown, I would be able to face them. Everyone turns and keeps the light on at some point in their life; it keeps us feeling safe from emotional harm. But, by turning off the light and being brave, you will finally be able to conquer the dark.

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