Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stare at the sky

The "magic hour." When the world seems to sleep. Too early to be day; too late to be night. If you watch the sky as the sun rises, you notice that the stars begin to transform. Though not visible; never disappearing. Then the first colors of morning begin to appear with the first rays of new light. Beautiful, vivid colors splashed across the canvas of infinite potential; the sky. Like drops of a melting ice cream cone on a summers day. When I think of the sunrise, I can see that unique and untouchable pink or the radiant  orange. Though, even before the sun becomes visible or its rays begin to stream through the shadows like a gentle rain warming the earth, a new day has already begun. The moon will always be there, but sleeps soundly knowing that the sun's power will guide us through a different cycle of day. Yes, even the night is apart of the day. We seem to forget that the day isn't just when the sun wakes us but is also when the moon watches over us as we dream. Then the cycle of day changes again as the sun sets and the moon and stars return. This cycle creates life and helps it grow. I was always afraid of these "magic hours." They seemed to be eerie and bring out the darkness inside. But, if you look inside, deep inside, you'll notice that you are still staring at the sky. That unique color, those gentle stars, the soft light of the moon, the powerful sun; they are all inside. You don't need to see the sun come up or the moon go down to realize that it has already become a new day.

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