Thursday, January 12, 2012

Holographic Nature of Money

Money is holographic - it reflects everything within you and all around, including the whole world. That dollar in the your pocket or bank is influenced by collective confidence in its value, the banking system, world events, political elections, and maybe even sunspots! This is especially true of global currencies such as the dollars, euro, yen, and  the British pound. Given the problems happening around global currencies, it is wise to think in terms of an "ecology of money". There are alternate local currencies circulating in places such as Ithaca, New York that exhibit success in terms of use and staying power; in Ithaca the local currency unit is called HOURS, based on units of labor time. Because HOURS are local compared to dollars, HOURS reflect more the value that people have for each other (as community) in Ithaca. The existence of HOURS (and other such currencies) may help counter the uncertainty of global money such as euros and dollars. HOURS may actually help save the dollar.  HOURS are holographic to a local community; while Dollars are holographic to the whole system of national-international-corporate finance.  

Story HOURS currency by its founder, Paul Glover in Winter 2012 issue of Positive News.

It's not either/or, we can have both.

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