Monday, August 16, 2010

Maya time

Maya time
they say
is ending.
No. No. Not so.

It's lies ending.
Truth coming down.
Awakening us from spells
of fear words.

Truth that's so
sweet like a
dove crossing
your path early
this morning.

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Anonymous said...

It Has Begun; Mayan Elders Say Prepare
First, let us go over what will NOT happen. 1) The world will not end; life goes on - but the rules have changed. 2) The date December 21st 2010 will be no different than December 19th or 22nd. This is to say the shift that is occurring has already begun, and reflects that of a 'bell curve' than a 'point'. 3) We are not being punished for our failure to live in peace; we are being re-directed to help in our maturation process. 4) We are not powerless in our destiny; we do and will have a choice. 5) The journey to enlightenment (or higher self), does not come on a fluffy cloud; for many of us it will a variable level of discomfort. The goal is to bring us back to our true selves.

Note: Both Carlos and I have come down with flu-like symptoms. Coincidence? -- Who is to say? I can tell you this, I am quit sure the intensity and maintenance of integrity must surely have something to do with it.

As a result of great fatigue, I will have to make this a two part article. What I will tell you for now, is that many of the issues we have spoken of before are now here. I will attempt to give you a very brief overview of some items. The escalation of earthquakes, tSunamis, and volcanoes are here. This is to say areas such as the New Madrid fault, the Cascadia Subduction Zone, the Puerto Rico Subduction Zone, Cascadia Volcanic Range, and yes -- Yellowstone are now 'in play'.

I will post two recent articles which emphasis the ever increasing marriage between 'ancient text', and 'modern science'. This is absolutely necessary to present the credibility needed to separate from the fanatical woo-woo's and Hollywood. Play-time is over -- reality is here and not to be feared, but to be acutely aware of our surroundings and more importantly, who we truly are, and where we wish to go. Not geographically, but reflectively. The question we should now very seriously ask ourselves is: "Is our behavior, beliefs and actions - taking us towards our personal goals, or are they harmful and self-defeating?"

There is no one answer for any specific race, gender, religion, creed, tribe -- it is an individual quest for ones' personal truth.

Cascadia Subduction Zone Quakes -

Puerto Rico Subduction Zone Quakes -

No; this is not a time to panic and run down the street with our hair on fire. However, it is a time to give significant contemplation of who we are, who we wish to surround ourselves with, am I comforted in quest of fulfilling what I believe my journey to be?

- Now back to the science:

Sun May Soon Send Magnetic Storms Toward Earth

Solar eruptions can send billions of tons of magnetically charged particles into space at high speed. If those particle clouds, called plasma, collide with the Earth's magnetic field, they can create dramatic effects ranging from a beautiful aurora borealis to a devastating electrical blackout. The Sun's volatile magnetic fields can become so severely twisted that they snap and then reconnect, producing a flash called a solar flare and a plasma eruption. If the plasma's magnetic field collides with the Earth's own magnetic field, they connect with another powerful snap.

Solar plasma (charged particles) physically compresses the Earth's magnetic field so much that it's smaller than the orbit of some satellites and celestial orbs. Without the magnetic field to orient the upper atmosphere, certain animals, birds, and weather patterns, extreme weather phenomena and radiation would occur. One example is United Airlines diverted 26 flights from their normal polar routes in January 2005 during Cycle 23's second sever round during the 'apex' (top of bell curve) to avoid harmful solar storms.