Saturday, December 14, 2019

Stardust and lightening

We are stardust; we are lightning. --Joni Mitchell*

When I was a child in the first and second grade, a little girl named Sherry would play with me. She was an outcast. She had wild unkempt golden hair, and talked very softly. Other kids made fun of me for even talking with her. One day she brought a little book with a picture of a star. She said, “We come from there.”
We come from the stars, the very substance of our bodies is stardust condensed from the heavens. We are in the heavens already; someone else on some other star system could be looking our way. We are sparks from a central fire, a whole universe, forged by the power of that fire.

* From her song, “Woodstock

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Anonymous said...

It seems that stars are our wondrous beginnings. I do lay on my back and look at the sky guardian,sometime during the day and sometimes during the night, noting how protected I feel. I would then ask myself,"is it what we are made of? It is so easy as you could get so drawn into it's beauty. Then you would become one with it's source, without putting any thought to it. BLISS! BLESSINGS !