Sunday, September 02, 2012

Do you have a dream?

Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream. So did Gandhi and Cesar Chaves. So do great writers, artists, businesspersons, and parents. Truth is: we all have a dream. Perhaps, first encountered early in life. But it's forgotten or beaten down by parents and teachers. Forgotten by years of being "on track" with homework assignments, and one planned activity after another. Listen deeply now to your heart. What's your truest, deepest life purpose? The purpose that fullfills your longing to express and do love's work out in the world? Take time now to look and feel? It may be difficult; many false dreams may come. You may delightfully discover and celebrate that you're living that dream now. You may currently have what appears to be a "meaningless" job, but (at the same time), be sure to keep alive a connection to your dream today.

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My Game Ball said...

Interesting thought.

Dream state one: a person dreams of being a rock star, seeking celebrity, fame and fortune. The person does not discipline their habit, but merely dreams of WANTING.

Dream state two: I smile at what I do, knowing that happiness is a dream come true.

Dream state three: I dream of opportunity that alludes me now, but will come because my dream is still alive.

Dream state four: I dream because I create. I create because I cherish catharsis. Allowing my creative energy to flow freely is a dream come true.