Monday, April 19, 2010

Business and wisdom

Today business is the greatest power on earth. The churches and temples are small compared to the world's office towers. Business ethics is now reduced to mere survival tactics. Too many business leaders never stop accumulating wealth and power -- without any hope of true satisfaction or happiness. There's an addiction to constant accumulation for its own sake. This corrupts free markets, governments, media, culture and the human soul. The Halls of Congress are filled with hungry business representatives from corporate boardrooms. Can anything be done? I say "settle down" and meditate. Businesspeople at all levels need to spend time looking within -- to see who they really are. This does more than all the ethics rules and government regulations people come up with. With clear insights, true ethics is spontaneousness -- as we begin to see that we are not in survival, but actually have enough to look beyond self-interest. It's about love; saying "Yes!" to doing business as love and service.


Miguel said...

It may not merely be internal examination that is in order, but possibly a new definition of the role of business. Trade is essential, therefore business can provide an essentially good social function ... filtering the slop that rises to the top always makes for a better stew.

Americ Azevedo said...

Yes. Business could just be the best hope for positive social transformation. My problem is that too many people think business is--by definition--not good. Good people need to be in business! I encourage my students to go into business, to transform business for greater good.