Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Simplicity Now

Meditation can bring the mind to
utter simplicity. Being quiet within is
the ground of simplicity - even
when we have to perform
action in the world.

"All is one"; "feeling the
oneness of all things". Such
expressions are absolutely true.
It's as if you are
at the end of a great
journey - and you come to
a place where you can
absolutely rest in peace;
and all your desires are
fulfilled. You are here; and
that's enough. That's all
there is. That is it.
All is one. Peace. Peace.
Now - extending to
the "next" movement,
the moment no longer in time - so it's
only just this external, eternal moment.
Being mindful of all that
is. Which is just this.
All is one. Simple. Easy.
Ah! Yes! Here! Here
now and forever

"as it was in the
beginning is now
and forever"


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