Sunday, May 31, 2009

Green Technology is Not Enough

I just don't see it working. I
mean the idea that we can
resolve the global warming issue
by merely installing green technologies.
Even more important is installation
of green culture (i.e., a renewal
of how we act and live in the
world, not just making energy and
gadgets clean green). Yes, let's
have electric cars, but at the
same time organize and re-value
our lives so as to use cars
80% less. That would be
a real change: that we go
all the way to reversing the
devastation we currently face.
So it's
green culture + green technology
that we need. Now, what can I do today
to make culture greener?

1 comment:

Phillip Andelson said...

The hybrid cars give people a false sense of hope. I like your idea- to use cars less.

Just the other day I was driving into the Los Angeles area. It was completely covered in a dark, hazy smog. I can't see how people can live in that environment and not protest the conditions. The sight of such a thick smog greatly disturbs me.

It also makes me wonder what the Los Angeles area looked like before humans were there.