Friday, February 03, 2012

Realizing Silence

Begin with the thought of “silence”.
Hold that thought in mind for a while;
perhaps repeating the word “silence"
or a holding a picture of silence.
Allow mind to drop into actual silence -
not the symbol but the living reality of silence:
the silent mind.
Move around with silent mind.
Come back to it (silent mind),
again and again as the day flows on.
A day lived in silence is a good day.
A day of peace and love.


danica said...

(how)can we make silence in our minds if the outern world is noisy and hectic, disturbing our inner balance? and opposite: if our mind is wavy, not silent but rather overwhelmed with thoughts, ideas coming from all over of our being - is it good then, in that moment to practice silence in order to organize our thoughts despite the outern noise (on the street, in the hood, the next door, etc.)?

Americ Azevedo said...

certainly, this practice of silence-in-the-middle-of-the-world is difficult to come by. it comes as grace with many years of sitting, standing, etc. - listening deeply until the mind drops chatter on it own; without my effort. this is living paradox.

just keep attending, noticing - at some unexpected moment you will notice silence. then go with it! like riding a wave at the beach.