Monday, May 21, 2007

Maranda and Steve - on the meaning of life

I interviewed a father (Steve) in his forties and his daughter (Maranda) who is 12 and a half. The audio includes both interviews. We can learn much from this father-daughter team.

LISTEN TO "Maranda & Steve on Meaning of Life" (4.18 mb; time 04:34)

Audio production by Lynette Webb.
Image from iVillage - Family Photo Gallery.

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night sky said...

What a great blog! I ended up at your January 25 post after searching on "my religion is love". I needed to know if it was an attributable quote (was guessing Gandhi or similar), but it seems to be just a commonly expressed idea.

I've browsed more of your blog. At the moment I'm technically on a semi-retreat, trying to stay away from doing this very thing (spending time on the computer, plus emailing, reading, television, etc.). Details are in recent posts of the mysticism blog I co-author. But I will get back to normal (?) soon, and have bookmarked your blog for later.

For Maranda:

"Maranda, I enjoyed your interview very much. Your comments about new toothbrushes, cake, and roses were perfect."

Yes, I agree. When all is said and done, when all is conceptualized and then deconstructed to death, :-) when words recede from being momentous to being simply play, when our human nothingness in the face of galaxies and the unknown is acknowledged . . . what's left is the living action, the new toothbrush, the cake, the roses, and our common humanity.

Philosophical enough for you? (grin)

Jodi ("night sky" on the blog)