Friday, June 15, 2012


By Dejan Ristic

The road I did not take
Is far from the blue sea,
It is far from Shakespeare’s dilemma
To be or not to be.

I am proud of my being blind,
I have not said it twice or thrice,
My blindness is my road to the Heaven,
The road similar to Milton’s Paradise!

The road I did not take
Goes neither to the South nor to the North pole,
The road not taken is far from my friends,
My professors and dictations from Adrian Mole.

I am an earthly creature
Aware of mistakes that I make,
But, I will not be mistaken if I refuse,
The road far from books, the road far from The namesake!

Although my life is hard on me,
My road is as bright as the sun,
And on that road, please listen to me,
I will do as I have always done.

I will be as sweet as an apple,
I will sing and read and write,
I will never take the road
Full of misery, woe and fight.

This message to you is to take your own roads,
And everything will be all right,
Leave behind all the things,
Leading to antagonism, idleness and blight!

Never forget to say your prayers,
Never forget to act in your play,
Please, do  take the roads belonging to you,
That will help you to find your own way. 

A Note About the Poet:
One of the sites that I produce is It is a site of classic literature in MP3 format and has over 2 million hits a month for the last 10 years. It is a global audience, and as you can imagine I receive  interesting inputs of all forms from all points in the globe. I received this poem from Dejan Ristic at the same time I was working on the details for my input into this wonderful blog. We decided to produce Dejan's poem. One of the most compelling aspects of the poem is the fact that he is blind. I will send an email to Dejan for a more in-depth bio, but until then I believe that listening to his poem in this context will provide even greater appreciation for the work. 

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