Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Let the Good News be Told

Before the sun rises, let the good news
be told. Today is a better day. Today
I'm feeling well again. Today love rings
the Earth with wisdom and power.

Sitting, standing, breathing, eating, day
dreaming, flying in my memory from spot to
spot in the ocean of past scenes –
now a youth, now a lover, now a student,
now a father, now an older man. Pain and
joy flickering like stars in vast
velvet spaces.

The Begging Bowl

The Begging Bowl was clean;
So the Busy People
Glimpsed their Sweet Reflections
As their Coins Dropped in,
And they Rushed on, Out-of-Sight.

But the Blind Beggar,
His Dark Eyes Shining Bright
Out from his Life-Long Night;
With his Grief-Softened Heart Open Wide,
Basking in Delight
“Saw” only their Sweet Light.

Which begs-the-question:
Which One is the Beggar?

                                  Diane (Nov. 2012)

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Waking Up

Waking up to my own life has been "the journey of a lifetime". I was a dreamy child in grade school. Now, I am a dreamy "new" old person. What can I say? Do we really change, or is it an unfolding variation of "life" that runs runs its course from birth to death? If you awaken and stay awake you are called "enlightened" (full of light). Staying awake is difficult. Only grand-masters are fearless enough not to run back into fluffy dreams. The point is to get free of illusion. To be real without interruption. That takes great inner courage. Stillness or meditation is a warrior's path.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Words Are Maps

WORDS ARE MAPS of reality and dreams. Words are not reality, not dreams.
Better to stop now. Sit, walk around and breathe. Later, come back to the words. For words are the work of the world. Perhaps, the world would not exit without words; the "world" is a story we tell each other. Take away the story. What do you have left over? Just this, just that. Engaging directly what is; like a new born.
Of words, we don't need many. Just a phrase, a sound, can be enough to suggest reality.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021


We must pass down our wisdom. We must pass down our knowledge. We must tell our stories. Whether it's written, spoken, or typed, be the bard of your era. Light the torches for you have returned.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Unreleased Poem 8/14/2012

People often go to wild places to search for their True Nature
(but the Light is in your eyes each moment;
your home is in your heart always...)
So at such a moment, Honored One,
Where is your True Nature?

Oh Beloved,
Where have you been?

I went out following scented grasses,
to return chasing falling blossoms...

Tuesday, July 20, 2021


   Thinking about being is not an everyday act for us. Instead, we tend to become absorbed in a wild chorus of events, appointments and emotional disturbances. 

   Contemplate being long enough and your life will be transformed into joy unattached to any particular experience. This is like being in love without a lover. The love is just there without dependence on the presence or absence of an external party. 

   The joy of being comes to us as we still the desiring aspects of mind. For so long as we are "ahead" or "behind" ourselves, we are not "here now" to experience the full intensity, wonder, and mystery of existence itself. The quality of our action in life depends on our day-to-day connection to our source, our being. The sense of "I am". 

   Terms such as "God", "infinity", "totality", and "existence" seem to refer to something in common. It is as if they commonly map a certain feeling area of the brain. But "brain" is itself an idea that is secondary to Being. Being contains "brain".

   We lose ourselves in what is "expected" of us in what we "must do". Eventually, even the very thought of being is lost to us. 

   Anyone who becomes committed to the attainment of self-knowledge has a journey to take back into their own heart. In part, it is the "downward path" from the head. In another part it's a "stepping back" from desire, frenzy and activity.

   Look at a wall and fall into wonder that it exists! This is the radical perspective. Our root experience is our deep felt sense of existence, being, or sense of "I am".

   Being is not passive, being is the stillness within all the process. Being is the eternal within the temporal. It is, in the words of T. S. Elliot, "the still point of the turning world".